WEB Design and Hosting

Creating an impressive WEB site, with the professional look that your business needs, requires a deep understanding of the technologies used on the WEB and the audience for whom it is intended.

Our mission is to combine all those elements into a solution that meets your requirements.

Planesia offers its technological capabilities to make sure that your WEB site flows logically and the information is presented in a precise and simple manner. The result is a site that captures the attention of the visitor and brings a stronger relationship between your business and your WEB site visitors.

We create sites based on your objectives. Planesia meets with the customer to discuss all the details of the project and to make sure we cover all aspects of your needs: audience, contents, frequency of visitors, technology, budget.




Planesia develops your site based on the following elements:

  • Context - WEB site context captures the esthetic and functional perception. Content - All the subject included on the site (text, video, audio, graphics), and the way it is presented, including offers, services and information. 
  • Community - The interaction between the users and the site.
  • Conversion - The capability of the site to adjust to the visitors or for the visitor to adjust it to his/her needs and expectations.
  • Communication - Between the site and visitors. It could be: from the site to the visitor (email notifications), visitor to site (online form), o bilateral (instant messages).
  • Connection - Links to other sites.
  • Commerce - Online selling of products or services.