e Business Solutions

 Planesia continuously evaluates tools and applications to address the needs of the entrepreneur and, above all, provide an economically feasible alternative for the small and mid size business. 

That is why Planesia believes in using open source products when available, if it meets the requriements of the organization. Product licenses known as "Open Source" are available free of charge, therefore the customer only pays for the installation, configuration, maintenance, and hosting of the application. 

Planesia has installed and evaluated several "Open Source" products. We are qualified to install, maintain, configure, and host the following:
Software to manage customer relationship,
marketing and business contacts for your
company.  Read More

"Open Source" software for the real estate
business. Provides the realtor the functionality 
to list and manage properties "online". 
Read More

Embeddable dashboards, reports, data 
visualization and analysis solutions. With
embedded Business Intelligence your
company becomes more competitive.

Content Management System (CMS)
provided by Joomla is used all over the 
world for everything from simple websites
to complex corporate applications. It takes
advantage of several WYSIWG editors
to deliver your article content to the 

Orange HRM comes as a comprehensive 
solution for the efficient management and 
development of your Human Resource. 
It will assist you in the complex and 
strategic process of managing this crucial 
resource of your enterprise.

Planesia can also develop a custom solution for your particular business needs.  For more information,contact us